The details and theme of this property pay homage to its past use as the Nantucket Artists Association and the many artists and craftsmen who called the island home.

A House Painted with History...

Steeped in the Island's Deep Artistic Tradition

Once the meeting place of island artists, The Nantucket Art House and Cottage has been designed with modern finishes and furniture that pay homage to its former use as the Artists Association of Nantucket.

Connect with Nantucket Artists

The Nanucket Art House features an ever-changing gallery of original artwork, selected and curated by working with our friends at The Nantucket Artists Association – the gallery for which is located in town on Washington Street. You will have the opportunity to purchase art featured in the house and arrange access to exclusive studio visits.

Modernized to Today's Lifestyle

The brand new rental property is located in the heart of the town community. Experience a different kind of Nantucket vacation tailored to today’s modern lifestyle.

Laid-Back Vacation Living

Treat yourself to unexpected elegance. A unique combination of historic charm and sleek modern amenities brings a new kind of luxury to the historic district.

Photos used with permission from the Nantucket Historical Society.

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